The Gilbreth Family

The Gilbreth family that is generally of interest to us spans two full centuries, from the early days of Frank Sr and Lillian's parents in the 1830s to a few of their grandchildren, still living. To keep the site manageable, I have split the content into four pages and will probably continue to subdivide as the material expands.

I would like to note that I do not regard everyone in the Gilbreth family tree as a public figure, and have no intention of bringing most grandchildren of Frank Sr and Lillian or any subsequent generation or connected individuals into this public discussion—at least, not without their explicit consent.

I strongly urge visitors and readers to consider the privacy of these now-hundreds of people, who are likely proud of their ancestry but don't want to be contacted or bothered about it. If a family member, or another connected person, has not made a plain public invitation to be contacted or approached... please do not do so.

»Generation 1: The Parents

Frank Bunker Gilbreth Sr (1868–1924)

Dr. Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878–1972)

»Generation 2: The (Baker's) Dozen

Anne Moller Gilbreth (1905–1987)

Mary Elizabeth Gilbreth (1906–1912)

Ernestine Moller Gilbreth (1908–2006)

Martha Bunker Gilbreth (1909–1968)

Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. (1911–2001)

William Moller Gilbreth (1912–1990)

Lillian Moller Gilbreth Jr. (1914–2001)

Infant Gilbreth (1915)

Frederick Moller Gilbreth (1916–2015)

Daniel Bunker Gilbreth (1917–2006)

John Moller Gilbreth (1919–2002)

Robert Moller Gilbreth (1920–2007)

Jane Moller Gilbreth (1922–2006)

»Generation Zero: The Ancestors

John Hiram Gilbreth (1833–1871)

Martha Bunker Gilbreth (1834–1920)

William Moller (1845–1923)

Annie Delger Moller (1854–1930)

»Generations “X”: Other Family Members of Interest

Olivia P. [Gilbreth] Flynt (1826–1897)

Caroline “Kit” Bunker (1847–1907)

Anne Gilbreth Cross (1859–1940)

Dr. Lillian Delger Powers (1866–1953)

Minnie Bunker (1867–1959)

Dr. Jane Bunker (1869–1961)

»...And the Rest: Not (Quite) Family People of Interest

Thomas Grieves (1876–1937)

Annie Cunningham (1877–1949)