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Books by the Gilbreths, About the Family

We are fortunate in that the Gilbreth family held a number of very capable writers to tell us the invaluable inside story. Lillian, Frank Jr and Ernestine all wrote multiple books about their own and each others' lives.

I refer to the books that tell somewhat fictionalized versions of events for a public audience the “family lore” to distinguish them from the more serious and factual books written for more select readerships.

See also David Ferguson's considerable list of Gilbreth books and publications, here.

In addition, Lillian's 1928 and 1954 books below contain a considerable number of family anecdotes.

Professional Books by Frank Sr & Lillian

Frank Sr wrote several books about work efficiency in the construction and bricklaying trades, and then more books on more general motion study, not always with Lillian's credited co-authorship but always with her assistance. Lillian's unused doctoral dissertation was published under her own name, and she published several books during her solo career as well.

Frank B. Gilbreth Sr

Frank & Lillian (as credited co-authors)

Lillian M. Gilbreth

Both Frank Sr and Lillian wrote a considerable number of papers and presentations as well, some of which are collected in the 1917 book and others which were collected (and annotated) by others. A full list will be included here in due time.

Other Books by the Gilbreths

Both Frank Jr and Ernestine were prolific writers — Frank as a journalist and Ernestine as a novelist and, later, the family historian. In addition to the two collaborative volumes of family lore and Frank Jr's other books about the family, both wrote a variety of fiction, semi-fiction and other material as well, much of it with an autobiographical slant.

Frank B. Gilbreth Jr

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Ernestine wrote two further novels, As Silver is Tried and Razzle Dazzle, but neither found a publisher.

Books About the Gilbreths

For some time, the only third-party book about the Gilbreths (parents as professionals or the family) was the dual biography written by Lillian's colleague. In recent years, there have been several books published, mostly focusing on Lillian and her somewhat overlooked solo career.

...and there will be one more, soon.

Short Publications by the Gilbreths

This section is incomplete and may never be exhaustive.

Papers by Frank B. Gilbreth Sr

Papers & Articles by Frank & Lillian as co-authors

Papers & Articles by Lillian M. Gilbreth

Articles by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr

Frank Jr was, of course, a reporter and editor for newspapers for some fifty years, and wrote thousands of articles in that time. I will likely limit this list to family-relevant articles.