A Gilbreth Timeline

A relatively simple timeline of major life events in the core Gilbreth family.
(Of course, nothing is really simple with fourteen people and thirteen weddings...)

Updated 10 Dec 2020

1868 7 July Frank Bunker Gilbreth [Sr] born, Fairfield, Maine
1878 24 May Lillian [Evelyn] Moller Gilbreth born, Oakland, California
1904 19 October Frank Bunker Gilbreth [Sr] and Lillian [Evelyn] Moller Gilbreth marry in her family home in Oakland, California
Couple returns to NYC to live in new Riverside Drive apartment with Martha Bunker Gilbreth and Caroline "Kit" Bunker
1905 9 September Anne Moller Gilbreth [Barney] born, NYC
1906 13 December Mary Elizabeth Gilbreth born, San Francisco
1907 October Caroline "Kit" Bunker dies, Providence
1908 5 April Ernestine Moller Gilbreth [Carey] born, NYC
1909 September Family moves to Plainfield, New Jersey
5 November Martha Bunker Gilbreth [Tallman] born, Plainfield
1911 17 March Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr born, Plainfield
1912 31 January Mary Elizabeth Gilbreth dies (age 5)
May Family moves to Providence, Rhode Island
18 December William Moller Gilbreth born, Providence
Frank & Lillian Gilbreth begin management consulting
1914 17 June Lillian Moller Gilbreth [Jr] [Johnson] born, Providence
June Lillian [Evelyn] Moller Gilbreth receives Ph.D. from Brown University
13 September Stillbirth of daughter (at 4-6 months), possibly due to a fall
17 August Frederick Moller Gilbreth born, Buttonwoods, Rhode Island
1917 17 September Daniel Bunker Gilbreth born, Providence
1918 February-March Frank Bunker Gilbreth [Sr] suffers severe wartime illness and heart damage
Early Summer "The Shoe" cottage on Nantucket purchased
1919 29 May John Moller Gilbreth born, Providence
November Family moves to Montclair, New Jersey
1920 2 May Martha Bunker Gilbreth dies in Montclair
4 July Robert Moller Gilbreth born, Nantucket Island
1922 22 June Jane Moller Gilbreth [Heppes] born, Nantucket Island
She would be the only one born in a hospital.
1924 14 June 1924 Frank Bunker Gilbreth [Sr] dies (age 55)
1926 18 September Anne Moller Gilbreth [Barney] marries Dr. Robert Barney
1930 13 September Ernestine Moller Gilbreth [Carey] marries Charles E. Carey
1934 28 September Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr marries Elizabeth Cauthen [Gilbreth]
1935 7 September Lillian Moller Gilbreth [Johnson] marries Donald Dodge Johnson
1936 24 April William Moller Gilbreth marries Jean Irvin [Gilbreth]
1940 8 June Martha Bunker Gilbreth [Tallman] marries Richard Tallman
December Daniel Bunker Gilbreth marries Irene Jensen [Gilbreth]
1943 13 August Frederick Moller Gilbreth marries Jessie Tallman [Gilbreth]
1944 John Moller Gilbreth marries Dorothy Girvan [Gilbreth]
20 May Jane Moller Gilbreth [Heppes] marries George Heppes
1945 25 August Robert Moller Gilbreth marries Barbara Filer [Gilbreth]
The couple would divorce in about 1972
1948 Cheaper By The Dozen published
1950 Belles On Their Toes published
1954 18 June Elizabeth Cauthen [Gilbreth] dies (age 43) Charleston, South Carolina
1955 4 June Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr marries Mary Pringle Manigault [Gilbreth]
1968 15 November Martha Bunker Gilbreth [Tallman] dies (age 59), Chehalis, Washington
1972 2 January Lillian [Evelyn] Moller Gilbreth dies (age 93), Phoenix, Arizona
1987 16 February Anne Moller Gilbreth [Barney] dies (age 81), Palo Alto, California
1990 14 April William Moller Gilbreth dies (age 77), Rough & Ready, California
2001 18 February Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr dies (age 89), Charleston, South Carolina
23 June Lillian Moller Gilbreth [Jr] [Johnson] dies (age 87), Middletown, Connecticut
2002 25 December John Moller Gilbreth dies (age 83), Caldwell, New Jersey
2006 10 January Jane Moller Gilbreth [Heppes] dies (age 83), Longview, Washington
13 June Daniel Bunker Gilbreth dies (age 88), West Caldwell, New Jersey
4 November Ernestine Moller Gilbreth [Carey] dies (age 98), Fresno, California
2007 24 July Robert Moller Gilbreth dies (age 87), Franklin, New Hampshire
2015 30 November Frederick Moller Gilbreth dies (age 99), Larchmont, New York