This resource page is a catch-all, meant to hold supplementary material of various kinds — mostly, material not created by myself but worthy of presenting here.

I expect to add more secondary, mirrored and otherwise “other” material over time. Much of this will be interesting background and research material on the extended Gilbreth, Bunker, Delger and Moller families, and on collateral topics such as Nantucket, F.W. Taylor and Taylorism, the domicile cities of the families, and more.

There are menu buttons above for the resource directory pages, but a summary of each follows.

»The Gilbreth Bunker Blog

The blog is a place I can post short updates and interesting findings, somewhere in between the fixed pages of the website and the someday-someday pages of the book. Go take a look!

»The FBG Construction Projects Wiki

The wiki is the end result of some two years of research that reconstructed the career and history of Frank B. Gilbreth, General Contractor—a career almost as important as his famous second one!


Some separate writings about Gilbreth topics, mostly drawn on excessive research for the book and resulting in material too good to leave in the files.


What it says: all the books about, by, because of and related to the Gilbreths. I intend to add to the depth of this bibliography with critiques of the major works, mostly the biographical ones. There are a few unique entries here.

»Image Gallery

A growing archive of photos and other images related to Frank, Lillian, the Dozen and their world and history.


A basic timeline of the core Gilbreth family (Frank, Lillian and Dozen). Use as needed to straighten out your understanding.

»Web Links

Again, what it says: links to other sites on the web with useful information about the Gilbreths and their world. There is not much primary or well-maintained material out there — hence one of the reasons for this site's development — but the good bits tend to hide away and move around from time to time.

»The David Ferguson Websites

From 1997 to about 2004, the premier destination on the web for Gilbreth fanciers was a pair of sites created by safety engineer David Ferguson. Alas, the sites went inactive about 2006 and are slowly degrading on their free host. I was last able to contact David around 2011, when he had recently retired. I recently learned that he passed away in early 2022. This resource page is devoted to saving the best of those two sites (which won a Gilbreth Medal, by the way) before they're lost forever.